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  • Top 8 Fashion Magazines in India

    The top fashion magazines in India that every fashion designer should read to keep themselves updated on the fashion trends and the changes happening in the fashion world. Follow these magazines to learn more about the fashion industry and trends happening.

    1.Harper’s Bazaar

    Fashion, Beauty, Celebrity, and Culture is the highest topics covered in these magazines. This magazine covers the fashion happen in the world, the celebrities fashion shows as well as design ideas, and this is magazine emerging from America. The Indian version of this magazine covers top fashion celebrations, exhibits in these celebrations, trending patterns as well as designs in the fashion world. Keep yourself updated with the world and understand the happenings in the Fashion industry.


    This is an UK men’s magazine but this edition in India covers all the females in the industry and gives the knowledge about all the fashion world people along with their interests.


    One of the most read Indian fashion magazines is Vogue. The people reading Vogue have been a successful and toppers in the industry within a few years. This magazine concentrates on the fashion requirements of all the class people and covers the stores to shops, designers talking, style, fashion, and everything in the vogue.


    A French Magazine that was launched in India at 1996. It covers everything that a woman needs like the dressing style, health needs, new for them, relationship, and ends in travel. Read this page to page to know more about yourself better and about the fashion requirements.


    Oldest magazine in our mother land is Femina and this is one that is sponsoring our Miss India competition every year. If they are getting the Miss India every year, what more you can expect from this magazine when they are organizing one of the most happening event in India.


    Italian origin, one the most vibrant magazines which consists of the latest collections from the top designers in India and the best spots for shopping every time.


    Advices on the latest Women’s fashion, beauty, and relationship and this is the most read magazines with a popular place in the hearts of teens and young women.

    8.Marie Claire

    Women empowerment, courage of a woman, talks from successful women in the industry, and many more is covered in this magazine which is originated from France.


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